Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Good News!

As you may be aware, ICRS (formerly Christian Booksellers Association – CBA) is just around the corner. Xulon worked with us to get the book published just in time for the Convention. Each year, all publishers put together a catalog of some of their most recent publications to hand out to the attendees. Xulon also sends out these catalogs to over 10,000 Christian retail stores throughout the country. The book is a full-color display with a brief description of the books, the ISBN to make it easy for ordering, etc.

Here's the GOOD NEWS! Women of Passions: Ordinary Women Serving an Extraordinary God will be one of 104 books published by Xulon this year (they publish hundreds each year) in a place of prominence in their catalog. A picture of our book will appear on the COVER and be displayed on the FIRST PAGE of their catalog! If you look at the cover to their summer catalog to the right, there is a slot for 4 pictures on the bottom right. Women of Passions will occupy one of those slots!

This is an incredible opportunity for exposure since retailers will be immediately drawn to the book. This astronomically increases our chances of appearing in bookstores all over the country. That means, YOU, as contributing authors, will have the greatest opportunity for exposure we could hope for!

We are already getting pre-orders for the "Early Bird Special" made available to EVERYONE. (Click here for more information.) Please encourage your friends and your contacts to get their orders in by midnight on June 23rd to take advantage of 35% off ($12.99 plus shipping/handling) the retail price. We will be sending their order in with our bulk order which includes your free book and your order for additional copies at 50% off ($9.99) the retail price. Don't forget you have a special PRIVATE ordering page on the Women of Passions website. (Click Here)

If you haven't contacted me about your free book and additional order of discounted copies, please be sure to email me before the 23rd. It's important we verify your mailing address.

Well, how's that for GOOD NEWS! We're excited … the work the Lord has done in you and through you is now published and has HUGE potential to be read by women everywhere. Be sure to pass the word along! God is so good! He takes ordinary women like you and me and does extraordinary things to display His glory for all to see. Let's give Him the glory for what He's doing and going to do through this book.

Jan & Jeanice

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